Adjusting to Remote Work at Home

Adjusting to Remote Work:
Shifting From “Just Home” to “Home Office”

In 2020, almost anywhere with WiFi can become a workspace. You are no longer confined to the four walls of a standard office. If you’re adjusting to remote work from home, here are four ideas to help you settle in that don’t require a miracle or a whole home makeover.


Limit distractions

Set yourself up for success by keeping distractions to a minimum. It may be tempting to set up in front of the TV, but try to avoid it. Your watch lists will be waiting for you. Stay focused on your work, and keep productivity flowing.



Keep productivity flowing through your remote workspace with a strong organizational system. Make sure each pen, pencil and important paper has a place from the start. 

Embrace Your Space

Don’t feel obligated to get a traditional, large, clunky desk. If it’s not your style or physically just wouldn’t fit be creative and explore your options. Desks can even be small tables, or a set of sturdy floating shelves.

If your home office is in a multipurpose area consider a desk with a drop-down leaf. The drop-down leaf provides instant access to your workspace, and the ability to close up shop at the end of the day. You could even improvise an armoire for a similar effect. The armoire doors would provide some extra room for a cork board or two.

If your space is tight, and you can’t expand horizontally, make the most of vertical wall space. The tightest corner, or narrow closet can transform into an office space after a little brainstorming.


Colors and Patterns

When picking a room for your home office, think about what you have to work with already. If repainting is not an option, choose a room that already has a beneficial color scheme. Blue is known to have a calming effect, but even just selecting a color that makes you happy will keep you motivated and inspired.

If you are adding your office onto another room such as a nursery, bedroom or living room blend the two spaces seamlessly with a consistent color scheme, and don’t be scared to add a patterned statement piece.

In conclusion, with increasing flexibility in remote work policies you may find yourself looking for an alternative to a traditional corporate environment.  Or maybe your work day doesn’t end at 5pm, and you have a side hustle that you’re building up. No matter your situation, a home office should reflect your personal style while reigning you in to take care of business. 

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