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WorkSmart Coworking is redefining the traditional office on Long Island. Building a community space that will make our local businesses prosper.
The world has changed, and so has the workplace. Join the future, forging how we work together, at WorkSmart™.

Our members have the commitment, hard work, and the motivation it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, consultant, programmer, small business owner, telecommuter, and can career path right here on Long Island.

WorkSmart Coworking at 35 Broadway in Hicksville

Historically, working professionals have headed to Manhattan and away from their hometowns, forcing a time consuming commuter lifestyle.

The Hicksville location of WorkSmart™ has the access to the LIRR and provides an opportunity to meet and collaborate with local professionals.

WorkSmart Coworking Coffee Mugs

Along with flexible memberships, private offices, dedicated workstations, collaborative space, and conference rooms, our location offers the opportunity to connect and form relationships that will last you and your business a lifetime.

A membership that unlocks more than just a desk, come WorkSmart™.



Each of the properties developed by G2D Group is developed and upheld to the highest standards. We make people our priority and help our communities thrive.

WorkSmart Coworking Entrepreneurial


We are dedicated to building up local businesses, utilizing our spaces to create the ideal environment for networking and local exposure. Hosting events and professional workshops, inviting collaboration and organic connections.

WorkSmart Coworking Space Open House


We are committed to supporting the surrounding areas in which our projects our built. Every G2D property is dedicated to the betterment of its location.

WorkSmart Coworking Responsibility


The human connection is what inspires us all. WorkSmart™ brings together the community to enrich and inspire those working in it’s spaces.


Join the modern workplace – WorkSmart Coworking

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